Our Community
Our Community

Not just a gym!

  Our members are extremely supportive of each other. Join us for fundraisers and events to support the community!
Our Team
Our Team
Our team of professional coaches are experts at combining the best results-based training and nutrition principles with a heavy dose of encouragement, accountability, creativity and laughter. The result is a supportive community of individuals who encourage and celebrate each other’s success.
Our Mission
Our Mission
Our goal is to create an enjoyable experience through programming of all levels to help our community to live happier, healthier lifestyles.
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Having tried three locations initially, I chose 267 because it was so superior to other places: caring, professional trainers scale each exercise to the individual's skill level, and guide/encourage us to our next challenge. Julia has helped me with healthier eating as well. It's fun to be with grea...


Crossfit has given me the opportunity to challenge myself physically and mentally. I tore my ACL in 2012 and was nervous to start training at first, but a year after joining I can say that I've never been stronger and in better shape. -Matt, 25, Recruiter


As a runner aspiring to lose weight and increase my speed, I decided to check out Crossfit 267. When I began training, I could barely lift 35 pounds overhead. 7 months later I am in the best shape ever. My running speed has gotten dramatically faster and my endurance and strength have skyrocketed. -...


When I first started, I was was nervous, insecure and quite frankly, intimidated by the other athletes. I thought "I'll never get there". The coaches at 267 showed me that it was possible to get there. I owe a lot to CrossFit 267. It has literally changed my life. -James, 39, Healthcare

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