Crossfit 267

We believe in fun. We believe that, to be effective in a long-term sense, exercise has to be enjoyable. It has to be creative.




Author: Eric Jaber (Sr)

CrossFit 267 WOD | 2/1/16 Strength Cycle Day 4

Dynamic Mobility / Warm Up 400M run (Nice weather)! Strength: Use same weights as last week. There are additional reps this week! Monday Clean & Jerk โ€“ 5 x 3+1 Back Squat โ€“ 5 x 5 WOD: "Grace meets Cindy" For time 14 minute cap 30 Clean and Jerks (135/95) *Each time you break...

CrossFit 267 WOD | 1/28/16 Strength Cycle Day 3

Dynamic Mobility/Warm Up Burgener Warm Up Strength: Week 1 Choose weights by feel. Weights should be challenging this week, but comfortably below max efforts. Use the same weight for all prescribed sets of a given exercise. Thursday Power Snatch โ€“ 5 x 2 Power Clean & Power Jerk โ€“ 5 x 2x2...

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made In the Gym

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Made In the Gym   We all make mistakes in the gym. There are a million things that can go wrong when developing a routine or jumping into the world of health and fitness. Recognizing the err of our ways is the first...

CrossFit 267 WOD | 1/26/16

Dynamic Mobility / Warm up Hamstring Mobility with Coach Core Development & Calisthenics 12 Minute EMOM Minute 1: 5 L-Sit Pull Ups Minute 2: 10 Shoulder Taps in a Handstand (Scale to 30 Second Handstand Hold) Minute 3: 20 Plank Push Ups (see image) WOD: EMOM 16ย Minutes 5 Toes 2 Bar 10 Pushups 15...

4 Week Strength Block FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Will this program make me bulky? A: NO!ย Olympic weightlifting is designed to push your body to its full athletic potential. Large compound lifts that we will be doing develop long, lean athletic muscles and do not produce the hypertrophyย that you see in body...