Thank you everyone who participated in the survey. We are in the process of looking at results to add more class times. In the meantime we will be adding in a pre-structured lifting cycle and 5:30 AM classes daily.
In upcoming month’s we will be using a variation of the Wendler Cycle. The Wendler Cycle is a great weightlifting program to help increase muscle. Movements will be on different days to ensure variety in the programming. Show up more often to build more strength! Starting this month we will also be adding in a monthly skill. This month is kipping. We will work on kipping to help you get your first knees to elbow, toes to bar, pullup, muscle up etc. Prepare your hands to be on the pullup bar more often! Invest in a pumice stone to keep calluses down. We also have WOD N Done for sale to help to prevent rips.

Also with increased athlete performance, RX Standards will be increased meaning if you are used to going RX, you might have to scale some WODs. You are not getting weaker, workouts are getting harder. This is to constantly give you a challenge to help you to continue to improve. Remember good changes come when you step out of your comfort zone!


400 m run

3 Rds
10 Situps
10 Empty Bar Strict Press
10 Empty Bar Good Mornings



5×5 @ 75%


5 Floor Press (155/105)
10 Floor Wipers (155/105)
200 M Run
10 Deadlifts (155/105)
5 Push Jerks (155/105)
200 M Run