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Normal Athlete Progression in CrossFit

What is a normal progression to see in CrossFit?

You come to the gym everyday. You constantly give it your all. When you first started, you were hitting personal records (PRs) every week.. sometimes everyday! But now a year later it takes you months to PR 5 lbs! Some days you can’t even hit your previous PR. It’s so discouraging! If this is you, we know how it feels, but this is completely normal.

This is the normal progression of a consistent CrossFit athlete who has been doing CrossFit for at least 6 months.

If you show up often and consistently put in work into your workouts, you will see progress. However that progress isn’t always a straight line. There are some valleys that you have to go through to get to the peaks. But the peaks will come with patient. Below is a graph. The graph shows what your progress will look like. Notice that it’s not a straight line! It’s not always moving up.


In CrossFit we ask a lot of our bodies. Those valleys are just your bodies way of taking some rest. Do no let them discourage you or that valley can get deeper. When you are trying to get to your next peak, you can ask yourself a few things that might help you improve.

  1. How’s my diet?
  2. Are you focusing on improving form and not just trying to lift heavy?
  3. Do you push yourself and up your weights every so often in WODs (workout of the day)?
  4. Do you get enough sleep?
  5. Are you warming up so you can get the best possible WOD?
What are some things you can do?

Change your diet. If you’re not eating well or enough, you should change that right away, even if you’re seeing progress.

Takes the weights down and focus on form. Olympic lifting is all about form. Focus on improving the movement and your weights will increase dramatically.

Challenge yourself. Are you constantly using the same weights in WODs? On a day with less reps, try adding 5 lbs to get closer to RX.

Sleep. Sleep is pertinent to recovery. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body probably isn’t recovering well. This will prevent muscle growth.

Warm up. Not only do they prevent injury, but warmups can also help you to do better in WODs. If you don’t warmup prior to a workout, some of that workout is going to be time wasted on warming up. That’s time that can be spent improving yourself in a WOD.

TRACK YOUR WEIGHTS AND WODS! We have Triib for a reason. There are times you will be improving and you won’t even realize if you don’t track. CrossFit is not just about PRing your lifts. It’s also about using a lighter band for pullups, getting more pullups, running faster, jumping higher, improving a WOD by a few seconds, and so much more. There are so many ways you can PR, but if you never track… you’ll never see it.