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Olympic Lifting Workshop

Olympic Lifting Workshop

A full hour dedicated entirely to working on form for Olympic Lifts. During this hour we will help you perfect your Snatch and Clean and Jerk. The class will be led by Diana Jewell. Diana is an International Weight Lifter. She placed 6th in the world in her age group in 2017. She is a USAW Sports and Performance Coach. Diana has a true passion for the sport and coaching.

Workshop Schedule:

  • Thursday:  8-9 PM
  • Sunday:  9-10 AM


I've been working with Coach Diana in the Olympic Lifting classes since they've started in September 2017, and I look forward to them every week! Like most people, I was wary of snatches when I started Crossfit, but now snatches are my favorite movement. I've learned so much from this class, and after a year, there's still more to learn from Diana. She's an amazing coach! She's patient, knowledgeable and can help anyone improve their snatches and their clean and jerks. She'll celebrate every PR with you, big or small, and she'll provide constructive criticism when needed. No matter the class size, I always feel like Diana is giving me personalized attention!


Olympic lifting days were my favorite! It was so fun to have a full hour to really hone in on your technique, which is not something you often get to do during a regular Crossfit class. Diana was detailed and gave personalized feedback to everyone, which helped me improve my lifts. Plus, it was a friendly atmosphere, with everyone watching each other lift and motivating each other.